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Who wants to pay more if he can pay less? Do not think that only the biggest companies can minimize their tax costs and achieve good tax planning!

In the last ten years Bulgaria has been a preferred destination for setting up companies due to favorable tax conditions and mostly because of low tax rates.

In order to make the most of these benefits and achieve the lowest tax rate while at the same time meeting all the requirements of Bulgarian tax legislation, it is best to rely on specialists with excellent knowledge of the specific requirements of Bulgarian legislation and tax law practice.

We at Ecovis Bulgaria can provide you with all this. Our team is highly qualified and has significant experience in tax consulting. With us, you will receive tax consultations and solutions to your every problem as well as advices that will optimize your tax plan.

List of tax consultations:

  • Tax consultations on all tax and social security laws;
  • Tax optimization in national and international aspect;
  • Preparation of a preliminary plan for processes and document turnover in the company in order to reduce the risk of increasing the effective tax expense due to non-recognition of VAT credit or costs;
  • Drawing up and submitting all types of tax declarations, including but not limited to VAT declarations annual and quarterly declarations according to Corporate Income Taxation Act, personal tax returns, personal tax declarations;
  • And much more.


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